Fresh Frozen Pot Stickers with Sauce

Pot Stickers w/Traditional Sauce

Generations of our family have perfected the recipe we use for our Pot Stickers. We use only the freshest, all natural vegetables and NON-GMO tofu. They are a healthy and delicious treat any time of day. Best of all, they can be ready to eat in just 90 seconds.

Available with Traditional Sauce or Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Our fresh frozen Pot Stickers are 100% natural and 100% delicious. They have 0 trans fat, 0 preservatives, and 0 artificial additives. Experience for yourself why these delicious delicacies can’t stay on your grocery store shelves. Try one of our Lucky Pot Stickers today!


7 pot stickers per box. Includes traditional or sweet & sour sauce.

Pot Stickers w/Sweet & Sauce


To get a crispy golden brown perfection, remove pot stickers from plastic packaging and add 3 teaspoons of cooking oil into a frying pan. If you prefer, you can even pour the thawed sauce packet into a frying pan for a traditional sweet and sour infused taste that will delight.

Cook at medium heat for 2-3 minutes until golden brown and enjoy these delicious pot stickers with friends and family. Kids love the infused flavor! Soy Sauce also makes a great dipping alternative.