Why Asian Fusion Restaurants are So Hot Right Now

Why Asian Fusion Restaurants are So Hot Right Now (1)


Asian fusion restaurants are really nothing new. In fact, if you’ve ever gone to a traditional “Chinese” buffet, you’ve experienced one form of Asian fusion. These restaurants can span from street carts to two-Michelin-star facilities, and there’s certainly something for everyone. Here are a few reasons why Asian fusion is so popular right now.

It’s Not Everyday Cuisine

Depending on where you live in West, your idea of typical cuisine likely varies a bit. For example, if you live in the south US, you probably appreciate comfort foods like meatloaf or spaghetti and meatballs. If you live on the West Coast, you might prefer fresher, more modern foods, and if you live on the East Coast, you might prefer New York style pizza or even a slaw dog. Asian fusion isn’t a regional type of cuisine. It’s essentially “Westernized” Asian food, or even Western food with an Asian flair, that offers a complex flavor profile.

It’s Still Close to Home

Many Asian fusion restaurants scattered throughout the West fuse Asian flavors together with local flavors. This means you might be able to get an Asian-style pizza on the East Coast or Asian-inspired potatoes in the South. It’s all about introducing new flavors and spices to your palate without overwhelming you with something you’ve never seen before. If you’ve ever had a steak marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil rather than salt, pepper, and more traditional seasonings, then you’ve experienced Asian fusion.

Something New at Every Restaurant

Another reason why so many people prefer Asian fusion has to do with the fact that no two restaurants really serve the exact same cuisine. The chefs who are responsible for creating dishes, choosing flavors, and pairing ingredients do so with incredible freedom. This means you can find an original dish in just about every true Asian fusion restaurant you visit, and no two visits are ever identical. If you want something you’ve never had before, then this is the type of restaurant to try. You might get a unique vegetable dish one day, but a delicious dessert the next.

A Delicious Combination of Flavors

Asian food is all about the combination of five very distinct types of flavors – sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and a fifth flavor known as “umami”, which describes the earthy taste offered by mushrooms and similar foods. Sure, you can always go to the local mom-and-pop diner for a greasy burger and fries, but when you really want to tantalize your taste buds, there’s nothing like Asian food. Asian fusion combines new flavors with familiar ingredients, which gives you an opportunity to taste some of the most creative dishes in the entire world.

The sheer number of restaurants in the Western world is overwhelming. You can choose Indian food, Greek food, authentic Italian cuisine, or your favorite American classics in the same neighborhood. Thanks to increased popularity of Asian fusion in the last few years, chefs are becoming increasingly creative, and the menu choices are endless.

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