How Kimchi can Spice up Any Meal!

Kimchi is a Korean dish that consists of fermented, spicy cabbage prepared in a combination of garlic, brine, ground pepper and other natural spices. It’s considered to be one of the healthiest foods around because it contains an array of vitamins and mineral such as Vitamins A, B and C and healthy bacteria that occur naturally in fermented foods. Below are a few ways in which this delicious dish can spice up virtually any meal.


Ground beef, chicken or pork can be combined with kimchi to form burger patties that have an unusual taste twist to them. This can then be topped with mayonnaise or any other sauces of your choice for a healthy and delicious hamburger – one that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

As a Spring Roll Filling

Although spring rolls are traditionally filled with fresh vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and peas, there is nothing wrong with replacing the traditional option with a serving of kimchi instead. Regular kimchi can be spiced up with a little green onion or chives, cilantro or other herbs or virtually any other spices of your choosing. The spring rolls can then be served with a range of dipping sauces.

Kimchi Omelets

Kimchi can be used as a delicious omelet filling in much the same way as other ingredients such as mushrooms, cheese, bacon or even chopped vegetables. The kimchi can be lightly sautéed before folding it into the omelet to ensure that it is warm. A range of other toppings can be included with the kimchi or it can be enjoyed on its own in the omelet.

Breakfast Pizza with a Twist

If the idea of eating cold, leftover pizza doesn’t sound overly appealing, it’s probably because it isn’t. However, you can literally spice up your leftover pizza by adding a few scoops of kimchi over it and heating it. You will never view pizza in the same way again.

Add it to Fried Rice

Rice on its own can seem rather bland and boring. However, there is nothing wrong with mixing a little kimchi into it. Once this has been done, the mix can then be topped with one or two fried eggs to form a complete meal.

An Accompaniment to Noodle Bowls

Although regular noodle bowls tend to consist of shitake mushrooms, noodles and a serving of kale, there is nothing wrong with adding a portion of kimchi to the mix. This makes for a healthy meal option at virtually any time of the day.

Pulled Pork and Kimchi Sandwiches

How about giving the humble cheese and pulled pork sandwich a makeover by adding kimchi to the filling? Family members and guests will be hounding you for seconds – or even thirds – of this delicious snack option.

As you can see, kimchi is not only one of the most versatile Korean foods out there; it ranks extremely highly on the list when it comes to health and nutritional value as well.

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