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Why Asian Fusion Restaurants are So Hot Right Now

  Asian fusion restaurants are really nothing new. In fact, if you’ve ever gone to a traditional “Chinese” buffet, you’ve experienced one form of Asian fusion. These restaurants can span from street carts to two-Michelin-star facilities, and there’s certainly something for everyone. Here are a few reasons why Asian fusion is so popular right now…. Read more »

Asian Food Trending Very Quickly

  Asian food, and particularly Chinese food, is America’s favorite ethnic cuisine. In fact, when immigrants from China arrive in the United States, they’re often shocked to learn that there’s a Chinese restaurant – or an Americanized version of a Chinese restaurant – in almost every neighborhood. Asian food continues to trend for a variety… Read more »

Hot Asian Food Trends Happening Right Now

  With all the social turmoil in the world, there’s one thing that people can agree on, and that’s food. Just about everywhere you go, you can find foods from different cultures and parts of the world. Asian food is especially hot right now, and there are some amazing trends happening across the country. Here… Read more »

How Kimchi can Spice up Any Meal!

Kimchi is a Korean dish that consists of fermented, spicy cabbage prepared in a combination of garlic, brine, ground pepper and other natural spices. It’s considered to be one of the healthiest foods around because it contains an array of vitamins and mineral such as Vitamins A, B and C and healthy bacteria that occur… Read more »

5 Asian Snacks Perfect for Sunday Football

With football season that has just arrived, many people will be looking for a great range of foods that are quick, easy and as convenient as possible to serve. After all, who wants to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when there is a football game to watch? Below are 5 Asian snack options… Read more »

5 Recipes that Include Kimchi

Kimchi is a dish of Korean origin that consists of spicy pickled cabbage, and more than 40 lbs. of this dish is consumed by each Korean annually. Although this traditional dish can be enjoyed on its own, it can be incorporated into a number of other delicious and healthy recipes as well. Below are just… Read more »

Where Did Kim Chi Come From?

Kim chi is one of the most widely known Asian foods in existence today, and many people liken it to sauerkraut. It is a mixture of fermented vegetables (namely cabbage today) and a variety of spices that originated in Korea centuries ago. Although the Korean population created the recipe for survival reasons, today’s kim chi… Read more »

Why Asian Fusion Restaurants Are So Popular

The term “Asian fusion” seems to spark controversy for some people, and it barely makes sense to others. In short, Asian fusion food is the infusion of Asian flavors into foods that are primarily Western in nature. These days, Asian fusion is a favorite among many. Here are four reasons why Asian fusion cuisine is… Read more »